VP Productions


  1. Sit on the board as a participatory member involved in the decision making of Powerhouse Society’s Board of Directors.
  2. Represent the Society to the Community with regard to standards, reputation and growth.
  3. Invest time reading scripts to make suggestions and keep an artistic influence that supports the purpose of the society.
  4. Deputize or serve for President if required.
  5. Take charge of finding resolutions to “situations” that may occur during each production.
  6. Represent Board to all production cast and crew, in regard to club values, procedures and artistic vision.

Monthly Duties

  1. Attend all Board and General Meetings – present reports.
  2. Organize Artistic Committee Meetings (if on Artistic Committee)
  3. Finalize plays, directors and production dates and present to Board for approval. If not a member of Artistic Committee, report to Board on A.C. activities.
  4. Attend rehearsals occasionally, especially nearing production.
  5. Discuss plays, production dates and rehearsal schedules with potential directors. Co-ordinate dates with Rentals.

Per Production

  1. Order scripts (perusal and production)
  2. Negotiate production rights with authors or publishers.
  3. Attend auditions – assist directors with casting
  4. Provide directorial assistance, advice, or if required – direction.
  5. Seek producers if required.
  6. Organize and mediate post mortem of all productions.
  7. Make sure that all royalties are paid prior to when they are due.

Annual/As per needed

  1. Liaise with Props Room Manager as required.
  2. Liaise with Photographer as required.
  3. Liaise with Costumes Manager as required.
  4. Liaise with Scholarship Committee as required.
  5. Liaise with Script Librarian as required.