The treasurer has the primary responsibility of overseeing the management and reporting of the organization’s finances.


  • Sit as a decision making member of the board of directors
  • Participate in all matters related to the sound management and fiscal responsibilities of the society
  • Ensure the accuracy of the accounting records to both content and form
  • Report the financial position of the Society to the board of directors
  • Provide advice to the board of directors on all financial matters
  • Ensure that accurate financial records are provided to the accountants at the end of the fiscal year for preparation of the Financial Statements
  • Assist production and festival teams with guidance in accounting matters
  • Prepare the budget for the next fiscal year
  • Report the financial position of the Society to the members at the AGM.

Working with the Bookkeeper and Other Members

  • Supervise the bookkeeper in the monthly tasks
  • Review the bank statements
  • Review the financial statements and adjust when necessary
  • Post the yearly adjusting entries
  • Assist in the reimbursement of members out of pocket costs
  • Assist with the recording and reconciling of production advances
  • Request information from all concerned in the preparation of the annual and production budgets
  • Review costume, bar and rental managers financial reports
  • Ensure that all government reports are filed

Revised May 2013