COVID-19 Advisory

To operate safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, Powerhouse Theatrical Society (PTS) has developed two COVID-19 policies to protect it’s members, patrons, and renters. The policies are presented below for your information.

1. Front of House and Audience Services

Before the show

  • Any ticket holder experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 the day of the performance should not attend. Tickets may be transferred to another patron, a credit can be provided for a future performance or be a full refund can be provided (for the cost of your ticket less the ticket processing fee).
  • Wearing masks inside the theatre is required.
  • PTS shall stagger entry starting 30 minutes before show time (e.g. 10 people at a time in five-minute intervals.) Patrons should only proceed to the theatre entrance on their assigned time.
  • Patrons should follow the markings assigned for line-ups in the box office and the theatre entrance.
  • All ticket holders (or the organizers for non-ticketed events) shall provide the names and contact details associated with the ticket/seat upon purchase and entry to the theatre. If the guests have changed from the original name PTS at entry.
  • Clients will use the main doors and proceed directly to the theatre entrance during their assigned time. If patrons arrive early, they are asked to wait in the designated waiting area. Patrons without printed tickets can pick up their tickets in advance or proceed to the assigned box office station.
  • If the bar is open, patrons may line up to purchase beverages following a safe physical distance.
  • Using the main floor washrooms before the show is highly recommended. Otherwise, patrons who need to use washrooms during the show are asked to exit through the bottom doors.


Two volunteers will be at the theatre door to view tickets or have the patrons put their tickets in a dropbox.


Bubbles (groups of 6) MUST be pre-booked at least two days before the show (subject to availability). PTS reserves the right to move patron seating to ensure distancing or refuse entry if safe distancing cannot be followed.

After the show

At the end of a performance, a PTS member will provide instructions to patrons on safely exiting the venue. Ticket holders will use the bottom doors for exit starting from seats closest to the stage and upper doors for those close to the upper level. Exit the building though the side doors or through the lobby.

2. Onstage and Technical Services

Preshow, the day of the show, a Powerhouse Theatre representative (PTS Technician or PTS COVID-19 ambassador) will orient the clients on the onstage and backstage safety measures in place, which will take about 15 to 20 minutes. Please allow for this time in your event rollout agenda.

Important Reminders

  • The client is required to provide detailed event health and safety plan to be approved by the technical director. Representatives from PTS and the client should meet at least 1 week before the event to level off on the protocols.
  • An official PTS COVID-19 ambassador will be included in all theatre rentals to ensure adherence to PTS health and safety measures.
  • PTS reserves the right to refuse rental or stop the event if the tech director and the COVID-19 ambassador deem it’s unsafe to PTS staff and patrons.

Onstage and Backstage Measures


  • Stagger rehearsals to limit number of performers on stage. Use theatre seats as a standby for performers waiting for their turn during rehearsals.
  • Performers should be spaced 6 feet apart onstage and 12 feet apart if they are singing/projecting
  • Access from onstage into the audience and vice versa will be prohibited.


  • Access to backstage area is limited to technicians and necessary performer crossovers.


  • Stage left wing will be for performer entry and Stagehands only. Stage right wing is for performer entry only.
  • There should be a maximum of 5 people in the stage left wing at a time. Maximum of 3 people at a time in the stage right wing will be allowed.

Dressing rooms/Greenroom

  • Dressing rooms will be designated as 2 different greenrooms (4 people for each greenroom). PTS shall assign another space (e.g., the Green Room) as dressing/holding area if needed. Additional fees will apply.
  • The common area in the greenroom will be a no loiter zone.
  • Each dressing room will be assigned occupants and given a separate entrance.


  • Only the fly deck operator and house technician will be allowed on the catwalks, one at a time when possible.
  • If 2 people are required to be on the deck for operation or weighting, they will sanitize and wear PPE on the deck.

Tech Booths

  • Two occupants at a time in the tech booth is allowed.
  • For more complex shows, there will need to be a different lighting operator and sound operator, and the consoles will be moved apart

Equipment, tools, and other contact objects

  • Microphones will be cleaned and disinfected before and after each show. There will be no microphone sharing.
  • Clients will be required to bring any necessary tools for their own use. PTS toolsets are marked for staff’s sole use.
  • Clients should bring their own reusable water bottles.
  • Theatre equipment such as mic stands, monitor wedges, light fixtures, etc. should only be handled by the house technician or their designated operator.

Notes for the Performers/Organizers

  • PTS should collect a “Health Declaration” for performers, technical crews, or staff who participate in hands-on physical activities such as acting or dancing.
  • PTS shall provide masks for its staff/volunteers and the audience members.
  • Performers are encouraged to arrive already wearing required gear to reduce use of dressing rooms.
  • Everything brought into the space should be packed out, except for properly recycled or disposed of products.
  • Breaks and eating opportunities should be staggered.
  • After the show, all performers shall vacate the PTS premises immediately. Loitering in the hallways and the parking lot is prohibited.