Theatre Rentals

The Powerhouse Theatre is available for lectures, receptions, memorial services, parties, movies and even Powerpoint Presentations!


Personal Use By Members
Rates available to active Powerhouse Theatre members by application to the Rental Manager.

Required Additional Costs
Powerhouse approved technician on site during entire occupancy – fee to be arranged with technician and paid separately.

Optional Additional Costs

  • Facility damage deposit may be levied.
  • Liquor license if needed, to be arranged and paid for by tenant. Additional insurance required.
  • Fog machine and keyboard are available for rent. Damage deposit required.

Note: stage floor must be returned to flat black color if altered in any way.


Building Specifications

  • The Powerhouse Theatre houses one performance venue as well as a Green Room with bar facilities.
  • The main auditorium is a 238 seat proscenium arch theatre.
  • The Green Room accommodates up to 50 people and is fully mirrored on one long wall.
  • Both venues are accessed via the front doors and share a common foyer which can also be used for small receptions.
  • The backstage of the main theatre has a full sized loading dock.
  • Complete Operations Manual can be viewed here.


Stage Information/Specifications

Proscenium Arch Opening
Width: 32’
Height: Max. 19’ 0″ Min. 17’ (Adjustable with a the Grand Border)

Stage Dimensions
Plaster Line; to upstage wall 27’ 4″ to downstage apron: 8″ 0″
Height to underside of trusses: 26’ 4″

The stage is surfaced in black painted masonite.

Orchestra Pit
The orchestra pit consists of removable pit covers located over the apron of the stage. It is 22’ X 5’ X 5’ high. The floor may be raised 24″ by placing a sub floor on perimeter pony walls. Access is by a small door in the centre front of the stage.

Dressing Rooms
1 main dressing room with stations for 12 persons served by a shower and 2 washrooms and equipped with a small refrigerator, microwave oven, a coffee maker and small sink with counter space.

1 secondary dressing room with stations for 8 persons served by a single washroom equipped with a small refrigerator, micro wave oven, a coffee maker and a small sink with counter space.

Loading Dock
A loading door 6’ 6″ wide and 10’ high is located at the back west side of the building off the parking lot and provides access via the scene shop to the stage.

Fly System
4 Line sets containing electrics and operated by manual winches
11 Line sets containing curtains
9 Line sets available
Total: 24
All systems except the lighting bars are controlled by lifting manually with the aid of pullies.

1 Main Curtain 2 panels each 16’ W x 19’ H, Red Velour
1 Grand Border 35’ W x 8’ H, Black Commando Cloth
1 Traveler 2 panels each 20’W x 25’ H, Black Commando Cloth
1 Cyclorama 40’ W x 25H, White
4 Pairs of legs 8’ W x 20’ H, Black Commando Cloth
4 Borders 40’ W x 4’ H, Black Commando Cloth

Movie Screen
16’ X 16’ front projection screen suspended two feet in front downstage of proscenium.



Control booth at rear centre of upper auditorium

6″ Fresnels5Altman500With Barn Doors
14Strand Fresnelites750With Barn Doors
3Strand Patt 123 (Old)500With Barn Doors
4Colortan Fresnel750With Barn Doors
Parnels10ETC Parnels575With Barn Doors
Ellipsoidals12Century 6 X 9750
16Altman 6X12750
16Source 4 Jr.57516 26 Degree Lens12 36 Degree Lens
3Source 4 Jr. Zoom57525-50 Degree Lens
2Source 4 Sr. 26 Degree750
20Strand SL 26 Degree575
9Lekolites Zoom50025 -50 Degree Lens
2Strand SL 50 degree575
2Altman Ellipsoidals 20 degree (Iris)1000Used as Follow Spots
Flood Lights6Strand (old) (2 used as rehearsal lights)500
15MC Cyc Lights1000
Misc Items2Mini Strobe Lights
1Green Lazer Light
2Rosco I Pro Image ProjectorFor Acetate Projections
1Gobo Rotator Accessory
1Martin 100 Disco Light
112″ Mirror Ball/Motor
2UV 4′ Fixtures2- 4′ Tubes in Each
Gobo Holders
Light Trees214 ft. free stand portable

(Control Booth at rear centre of upper auditorium)

1Tascam 24 Channel Mixing Board
4Crest VS450 Amps
4Stationary Speakers ( 2 rear house and 2 each side of proscenium)
4Mobile speakers with permanent connection jacks to position
2Stage microphones can be run from stage side or control booth
5Countryman B3 Style Wirelessw Microphones
8Compressor/Limiters for Mixer
Multi Effects Processor
1Tascam Pro CD Player
Clearcom Communications
SFX system installed on computer.
1Presonus 24 channel  “I” Live Digital Mixing Board
1Mac Mini computer with “Q lab” sound software
1Mac iPad for surface control
1Handheld wireless Microphone
8Sennheiser MK2E Wireless Lav/Headset Microphones (For Rent)
3Non Wireless Microphones (with Stands)
2Yamaha 15” Powered Speakers
2Yamaha 18” Powered Bass Subs
2Yamaha 10” Powered Monitor speakers
Speaker Stands/ speaker posts for subs
XLR Microphone cabling
4 DI’s
100’ 24 channel Snake / with 4 returns
25’ 12 channel Snake
Various cables (inserts etc…)

1 Fog Machine with timer. 400 Watts
1 Antari F-350 fog Machine

Fog Machine

Comes with FC 1 remote control over 10 feet long, and bracket for hanging it on the ceiling (not shown in picture). This is a 1200 watt machine for maximum output.

1 Casio Digital Piano ( model PX-400R/ PX – 555R ESIA
Model Features a Weighted Action Keyboard , 256 Digital Sounds, and a Built-In Stand

Casio Digital Piano