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Thank you to all members who voted in the recent Powerhouse Theatre Elections! We had a record turn out of 63 member votes.

Congratulations to Richard Kerton, Cara Nunn, John Wakefield, and Lawrence Bird who were elected onto the Powerhouse Theatre Board.

Powerhouse Theatre Board for 2020/2021:

President – Bob Oldfield
VP Productions – Keyanna Burgher
VP Facilities – Cara Nunn
Treasurer – Richard Kerton
Marketing – Jacs Spence
Secretary – Rhonda Nicholas
Director at Large – Lawrence Bird
Director at Large – Sarah McLean
Director at Large – Melanie Prince
Director at Large – John Wakefield

The term for this Board will begin effective September 2020.

In this uncertain time for all of us we want to keep everyone safe in the light of the restrictions that we are all facing with the COVID-19 pandemic. All productions have been postponed until further notice.

We are continuing to closely monitor developments around COVID-19 and the recommendations, guidance, and direction of the Public Health Agency of Canada and HealthLink BC.

We will continue to be extra cautious at Powerhouse in regards to our specific procedures around cleanliness and the spreading of bacteria/viruses. As such we have immediately increased our sanitizing procedures in all areas for those who are still entering and using our facility. Please also only use the Club Room washroom or the wheelchair accessible washroom and follow the health and sanitizing guidelines posted around the building.

Thank you for all of your support in this quickly changing situation.

– Bob Oldfield, President of Powerhouse Theatre

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Powerhouse Theatre

We are encouraging you to enter the world of live theatre by becoming a member of the Powerhouse. We have a lot of fun creating and producing our shows for Vernon. It's an experience that is hard to explain in a few words, but once you have felt the camaraderie and joy of taking a script to opening night, it's not something you will easily forget. Acting on stage is the visible result of the performance... putting the show together takes many, many people and= hundreds of hours to get there. We need set constructors, costume people, poster designers, ushers, back stage helpers, the list goes on and on. If you are interested in helping out or being part of any upcoming productions, please contact producer@powerhousetheatre.net. All Powerhouse Theatrical Society's productions are held at the Powerhouse Theatre (2901 35th Avenue, Vernon). Costume Bank is open 4pm - 7pm on Thursdays.
Powerhouse Theatre
Powerhouse Theatre7 days ago
Hey members: a reminder that it’s VOTING TIME!

Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, voting for our new board members is being held online. Voting is for members only. If you didn’t receive an email or have any questions regarding the process, please let us know! Voting closes SUNDAY NIGHT.

We look forward to announcing the 2020/21 Powerhouse Board Members!
Powerhouse Theatre
Powerhouse Theatre4 weeks ago
In challenging times, it can be helpful to focus on what we have, and to find gratitude in the small things. May each of you find some sense of joy and peace with the chaos and confusion of Covid-19, and make the most of this time.
Powerhouse Theatre
Powerhouse Theatre3 months ago
Please read the following announcement from the Powerhouse Board of Directors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Powerhouse Theatre
Powerhouse Theatre3 months ago
Due to Covid-19 concerns the show tonight has been cancelled.
Powerhouse Theatre
Powerhouse Theatre3 months ago
The Okanagan Celtic Choir joins Cod Gone Wild! for the biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebration this side of Newfoundland at the Powerhouse Theatre on March 13th!
Powerhouse Theatre
Powerhouse Theatre3 months ago
Please help! Our upcoming production of Ben Hur is looking for two mobility scooters to use. If you or anyone you know is able to donate one to borrow please contact us! #vernonbc