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Drama Masks

Join us for the 2019/20 Season!

The Game’s Afoot (Holmes for the Holidays)
November 20 – November 30, 2019

Girl in the Goldfish Bowl
February 19 – February 29, 2020

Ben Hur
April 29 – May 9, 2020

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Get Involved

Powerhouse Theatre is inviting you to be part of the team and become a volunteer. From artistic talents to set construction and everything in between … we need you to make it happen. Interested? Send us an email to

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Schubert Centre Connection

Schubert Centre connection is now offered for the Sunday Matinee of each production.

Start time: 2:00 PM

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Powerhouse Theatre

We are encouraging you to enter the world of live theatre by becoming a member of the Powerhouse. We have a lot of fun creating and producing our shows for Vernon. It's an experience that is hard to explain in a few words, but once you have felt the camaraderie and joy of taking a script to opening night, it's not something you will easily forget. Acting on stage is the visible result of the performance... putting the show together takes many, many people and= hundreds of hours to get there. We need set constructors, costume people, poster designers, ushers, back stage helpers, the list goes on and on. If you are interested in helping out or being part of any upcoming productions, please contact All Powerhouse Theatrical Society's productions are held at the Powerhouse Theatre (2901 35th Avenue, Vernon). Costume Bank is open 4pm - 7pm on Thursdays.
Powerhouse Theatre
Powerhouse Theatre1 day ago
Congrats to Vernon Community Music School on their sold out show! Vernon Morning Star #Vernonbc Such an amazing job. Well done!
Powerhouse Theatre
Powerhouse Theatre3 days ago
This is your opportunity to be part of the Powerhouse Theatre in our upcoming production of Girl in the Goldfish Bowl! Click on the link below and apply online to be a part of this exciting production.

This thoughtful, funny, wacky, off-kilter story by BC’s very own Morris Panych explores the struggles of a modern household teetering on the edge of change at the same time as the world teeters on the edge. #vernonbc
Powerhouse Theatre
Powerhouse Theatre2 weeks ago
Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets to The Games Afoot or Holmes for the Holidays! Reminder to everyone with Season Tickets to not miss this sold-out show. We ask everyone else to purchase tickets for Girl in the Goldfish now at
Powerhouse Theatre
Powerhouse Theatre2 weeks ago
Aghast! You waited until the last minute to buy tickets and now they are almost sold out? Head to and get your tickets for The Game's Afoot or Holmes for the Holiday quickly, as they are almost all gone! #Vernonbc
Powerhouse Theatre
Powerhouse Theatre2 weeks ago
The twists, turns and running gags are non-stop in this hilarious mystery, and the cast assembled under the direction of Debra Bob does a masterful job. ~ Vernon Morning Star Tickets on sale now and going fast!
Powerhouse Theatre
Powerhouse Theatre3 weeks ago
Opening Night! When one of the guests turns up dead, the merriment quickly turns treacherous in a comedic fashion. Gillette himself steps up to take on the persona of Sherlock Holmes before the next victim appears. - Buy your tickets today! #vernonbc